Jan Ondrus, Yves Pigneur
IADIS International E-Commerce 2004, 14-16 Dec 2004, Lisbon, Portugal.
Publication year: 2004

The growing prevalence of electronic commerce and the widespread use of mobile devices have made mobile payments an interesting alternative method of payment for customers and merchants. One major issue to be resolved is the integration of a real-time wireless means of payment within their current payment system. In this paper, we propose an architecture of mobile payment system to improve business processes and increase customer loyalty. An all-in-one device that enables mobile payments and also integrates a membership scheme would simplify and significantly accelerate the payment process at the point of sale (POS). Moreover, the deployment of an effective customer relationship management (CRM) system and an adapted data mining tool would allow retailers to propose a dynamic-generated website to their customers. This would follow a one-to-one e-marketing strategy and would improve companies’ ability to suggest customized offers and coupons.